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Abby Candles

Abby Candles

Candles, wax chips, warmers and more to make your home smell great.

In 1997, what started as a hobby turned into a business. We loved the craft of candle-making so much that we were determined to create the finest candles on the market. We also wanted make them available to those who shared our passion for the beauty and ambience created by these simple, but elegant products.

It took considerable testing and experimenting, but at last we developed what we believe to be the finest candles in the world: all-natural, richly scented, hand-poured and crafted with the utmost care right here in the heartland of the USA.

We have been blessed to discover that people love our products as much as we do. The tremendous growth we’ve enjoyed comes from the quality of our candles, and the dedication of Abby Candles distributors, family and friends, our loyal customers and God’s blessings upon us and our company.

However much we continue to grow, we maintain our focus on what brings people to purchase our products again and again: superior quality and customer service.

We thank you for your interest in Abby Candles. Light a candle today and change your world!

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