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Everlasting Makeup

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Welcome to the wonderful world of LIPSENSE. You are about to embark on an adventure of over 70 colors for your lips. With LIPSENSE you can achieve over 1,000 color combination by mixing and layering our lip shades.  You will be able to develop your own unique look for that special outfit or better yet – your special personality.
Fun Facts about LipSense:
1. ONE tube of LipSense = FOUR tubes of regular lipstick. What a way to save money!
2. THREE tubes of LipSense = 27 Color combinations
3. It takes THREE (3) coats of LipSense to achieve the best wear time. One coat is to let the pigment balance your ph against your lips protecting the color from wearing down. The Second coat is to provide that bond that ensures the wear time  the Third and final coat is the top coat that fights against eating, drinking, talking and free radicals.
4. GLOSS – ALWAYS use Senegence (LipSense) Shea Butter and Vitamin E Moisturizing gloss to seal your color for the day. This amazing gloss is like lotion for your lips and will soothe, smooth and heal your lips.  With LipSense you can expect 7-10 days of ‘possible’ exfoliation and your gloss will help this along. Our gloss is not gooey nor sticky.  It comes in a variety of soft tints.
5. LipSense users are only guaranteed wearing time when wearing one of our many glosses although wearing time may be achieved it cannot be guaranteed.
Watch for more of Senegence’s great Anti- Aging products to come. Don’t let the the timeless beauty of you slip away when you can be wearing your anti again skin care in all of your makeup products through Senegence.
Also watch for sampling classes where you can try the lip color of your choice!!
Call for your free makeover – comes with a free gift when mentioning Showplace Market.
Call or text 405.503.5386 for more information. You may also visit Senegence.com/everlasting makeup to check out other products that will soon arrive at Showplace market.

So, come in and get your LipSense shade(s) of your choice.

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